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General Parameter
Password Capacity 50
Fingerprint Capacity 100
Card Capacity 50 IC S50 Card
Material Aluminum Alloy and Tempered Glass
Static Current < 80uA
Working Environment 20% RH to 90% RH
Application Duplexes, townhouses, apartments, condos, and other residential areas
Doorbell Supports
Random Password Supports
Door Thickness 45 to 60 (customizable)
Interface Styles Micro USB 5V
Operating Temperature -25°C to 75°C
Dimensions Outdoor unit: 400 * 74 * 23mm Indoor unit: 400 * 74 * 34.8mm
Warranty 1 Years


ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Digital Door Lock

Get ready to revolutionize the way you secure your space with the ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Digital Door Lock. This extraordinary smart lock is not just any lock; it's a statement of modernity, convenience, and top-notch security.

Key Features that Make TL800 a Standout:

1. Biometric Brilliance - Your Fingerprint is Your Key

Leave behind the hassle of traditional keys and codes. The TL800 leverages cutting-edge fingerprint recognition technology, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your space. With lightning-fast and highly accurate fingerprint scanning, your security has never been more seamless.

2. PIN Code Precision - Tailored Access for All

Adding a layer of convenience, the TL800 supports PIN code entry. You have the freedom to create personalized access codes for family members, friends, or service providers. Managing access has never been this effortless, all without the need for physical keys.

3. Stay Connected - Control from Anywhere with Wi-Fi Integration

The TL800 embraces the power of Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely control your smart lock from anywhere in the world. Receive instant notifications for every entry and maintain a comprehensive access log, all through a user-friendly mobile app. Your smartphone becomes the key to your world, putting you in charge of your security.

4. Durable Design - Style Meets Robustness

The TL800 combines durability and aesthetics seamlessly. Crafted with premium materials, it complements your space's visual appeal while standing up to the test of time. It's not just a security solution; it's an enhancement to your interior design.

5. Emergency Access - Mechanical Key Override

We understand that redundancy is crucial for security. That's why the TL800 comes equipped with a mechanical key override, providing peace of mind in emergencies or unexpected technological hiccups.

6. Anti-Peep Protection - Keep Your Code Secure

Worried about someone spying on your PIN code? The TL800 offers anti-peep protection, allowing you to input any number of random digits before and after your actual code. Even if someone is watching, your PIN remains secure.

7. Long-Lasting Power - Battery Reliability

Powered by long-lasting batteries, the TL800 eliminates the need for complex wiring or a power source. Battery running low? The lock gives ample warning, ensuring you're never locked out due to drained batteries.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing the ZKTeco TL800 is a breeze, designed to fit most standard door preparations. Whether you're upgrading your current lock or installing it in a new space, the TL800 seamlessly integrates into your life.

Say goodbye to the era of traditional locks and embrace the future of security and access control. Make the ZKTeco TL800 the centerpiece of your smart space. Elevate your security, elevate your life. Order yours today and step confidently into the future.

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What is the price of the ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Digital Door Lock in Bangladesh?

The latest price of the ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Digital Door Lock in Bangladesh is 21,500 BDT. You can buy the ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Digital Door Lock at the best price from our website or visit our showroom.

Please Note: The final price may vary depending on factors such as additional features, installation requirements, and after-sales support.


Depending on the lock's capabilities, it might offer video recording functionality. Check the lock's specifications to see if it supports video recording and whether there's an option to store the recorded footage. Sorry, ZKTeco TL800 doesn't support this feature.

In case of screen malfunction, the ZKTeco TL800 lock might still retain its core locking functionality, but the monitoring feature may not be available until the screen issue is resolved.

Depending on the model and features, the TL800 might be compatible with smartphone apps and smart home platforms. This could enable you to control and monitor the lock remotely.

The TL800 likely offers multiple methods of unlocking, including fingerprint recognition, PIN code entry, RFID card access, and possibly even remote unlocking through a mobile app.

Yes, the indoor monitoring screen provides real-time video feed from an integrated camera, allowing you to see who is at the door before deciding whether to unlock it by ZKTeco TL800.

The TL800 features a screen that allows you to view the area outside the door without physically opening it. This can be particularly useful for verifying visitors or checking on your surroundings before granting access.

The ZKTeco TL800 is an advanced smart door lock equipped with a built-in indoor monitoring screen. It combines secure access control with the convenience of an integrated display for monitoring purposes.

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