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ZKTeco GL300 Fingerprinting Smart Glass door Lock

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  • Brand: ZKTeco
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GL300 Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

• Material: Zinc Alloy + ABS Plastic

• User Capacity: 100

• Door Thickness: 10-12mm

• Power Supply: 4×AA Alkaline Battery (not supplied)

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General Parameter
Password Capacity 100
Fingerprint Capacity 100
Card Capacity 100
Color Black
Door Thickness 10mm - 12mm
Power Supply 4*AA Alkaline Battery
Dimensions 131mm * 200 mm * 75 mm


The ZKTeco GL300 is a sophisticated smart lock designed for glass doors. It integrates advanced biometric technology and multiple access methods to enhance security and convenience. Here's a detailed overview of its features, specifications, and applications:

Key Features:

- Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint Recognition: Utilizes advanced fingerprint scanning technology for secure and quick access. Ensures high accuracy in fingerprint recognition, reducing false rejections and acceptances.

- Multiple Access Methods: Allows access using RFID cards, providing an alternative to fingerprint recognition. Supports entry via a secure PIN code, offering another access control layer. Includes a mechanical key for manual override in case of emergencies or technical issues.

- User Management: Can store up to 100 fingerprint templates, 100 RFID cards, and 8 sets of PIN codes. Adding, deleting, and managing users directly from the lock interface is easy.

- Design and Build: Specially designed to fit glass doors, commonly found in modern office and commercial settings. Aesthetically pleasing design that complements contemporary interiors.

- Security Features: Triggers an alarm in case of unauthorized access attempts or tampering. Ensures secure data storage and transmission to protect user information.

- Power Supply: Powered by 4 AA batteries, typically lasting up to one year with regular use. Provides alerts when the battery level is low to prevent lockouts.

- Installation and Use: Designed for straightforward installation on various types of glass doors without the need for extensive modifications. Simple and intuitive interface for both users and administrators.

- Additional Features: Some models might offer remote access capabilities through a smartphone app, enhancing control and monitoring. Keeps a log of access records, useful for monitoring and security audits.


- Typically around 340 x 78 x 28 mm (may vary slightly depending on specific model versions.

- Usually ranges from -10°C to 55°C, suitable for most indoor environments.

- 4 AA batteries, with a low battery warning feature.

- 100 RFID cards.


- Ideal for securing glass doors in office environments, and ensuring restricted access to authorized personnel. Suitable for retail shops, showrooms, and other commercial areas with glass doors. Can be used in homes with glass doors, providing an additional layer of security.


- Advanced biometric and multi-method authentication ensure a high level of security. Multiple access methods and easy user management make it suitable for diverse needs. Complements the aesthetics of contemporary architectural styles.


- Regular Maintenance: Ensure batteries are replaced promptly and perform regular checks on the lock's functionality. Designed primarily for indoor use; not suitable for exterior doors exposed to weather elements.

The ZKTeco GL300 is a reliable and advanced solution for anyone looking to enhance the security and convenience of glass door access control. Its combination of biometric technology, multiple access methods, and sleek design makes it a versatile choice for various applications.


If you encounter issues with fingerprint recognition, most locks provide alternative methods of access, such as using a PIN code or a backup physical key of ZKTeco GL300. Refer to the lock's manual for specific troubleshooting steps.

Many smart locks, including the GL300, offer access logs and activity monitoring. You can usually review who accessed the door and at what times through the lock's associated app or software.

The suitability for outdoor use depends on the specific model and its IP (Ingress Protection) rating. Some models might be designed for outdoor installation, while others are meant for indoor use only. ZKTeco GL300 is not suitable for outdoor use.

TheZKTeco GL300 lock is typically powered by batteries. It's important to regularly check the battery level to ensure uninterrupted operation.

It depends on the model and features of the GL300. Some versions might be compatible with popular smart home platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit, allowing users to integrate the lock into their smart home ecosystems.

In case of sensor malfunction or fingerprint recognition failure, the GL300 usually includes alternative methods of access, such as a physical key or PIN code, as a backup.

The GL300 uses a built-in fingerprint sensor to capture and authenticate fingerprints. Users can enroll their fingerprints through the lock's software interface and then gain access by placing their enrolled finger on the sensor.

The ZKECO GL300 is an advanced smart lock designed specifically for glass doors. It utilizes fingerprint recognition technology to provide secure access control and convenience for glass entryways.

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