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General Parameter
Display 2.4-inch TFT LCD Color Screen
Fingerprint Capacity 3,000
Card Capacity 5000(Optional) ID or IC card
Record/Log Capacity 30,000
Standard Functions DST, Automatic Status Switch, Record query, T9 input, 14 digit user ID, Anti-passback, Scheduled-Bell, Printer(Optional), ADMS(Optional)
Communication RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host,Wi-Fi
Access Control Interface 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm
Wiegand Signal Input, Output
Biometrics Algorithms BioID Sensor/ SilkID Sensor (optional), ZKFinger VX10.0
Power Supply 12V DC,3A
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Operating Temperature 0 ℃- 45℃
Dimensions 158.5x78.0x19.4mm
Supported Softwares PUSH AC SDK, ZKBio Access
Country Of Origin China
Warranty 1 Year


ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control Terminal

Welcome to a new era of efficient time management and secure access control with the ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal. Designed to redefine how businesses manage attendance and access, the F22 offers cutting-edge features in an ultra-sleek and compact design.

Key Features:

1. State-of-the-Art Fingerprint Recognition: Enjoy lightning-fast and highly accurate fingerprint recognition, providing a secure and convenient way for employees to clock in and out.

2. Ultra-Thin Design: The F22 boasts an ultra-thin design that seamlessly fits into any office environment, saving valuable space while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

3. Multi-Modal Verification: In addition to fingerprint recognition, the F22 supports various verification modes, including RFID cards and PIN entry, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for diverse user preferences.

4. Intuitive User Interface: The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, allowing for easy setup and management of access control policies and attendance records.

5. Advanced Access Control: Customize access permissions based on roles and responsibilities, enhancing security and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to designated areas.

6. Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting: Access real-time data and generate comprehensive reports to gain insights into attendance patterns, aiding in better decision-making and resource allocation.

7. Cloud-Ready Connectivity: Easily integrate the F22 with your existing systems through cloud connectivity, enabling seamless data transfer and access from anywhere, anytime.

8. Robust and Durable: Built with durability in mind, the F22 is designed to withstand daily usage while maintaining top-notch performance, providing a reliable solution for long-term use.

Benefits of ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal:

Enhanced Security: Implement biometric authentication to significantly enhance security and prevent unauthorized access to your premises.

Increased Productivity: Streamline attendance management and eliminate manual processes, saving time and boosting overall productivity.

Cost-Effective: The F22 offers a cost-effective solution by reducing administrative costs associated with traditional attendance tracking methods.

Compliance and Accuracy: Ensure compliance with labor regulations and maintain accurate attendance records for payroll processing and audits.

Scalability: Easily scale your system as your business grows, accommodating additional users and devices without compromising performance.

Discover a new level of efficiency and security with the ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal. Contact us today to learn more and revolutionize how you manage attendance and access within your organization.

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What is the price of the ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control Terminal in Bangladesh?

The latest price of the ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control Terminal in Bangladesh is 10,500 BDT. You can buy the ZKTeco F22 Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control Terminal at the best price from our website or visit our showroom.

Please Note: The final price may vary depending on factors such as additional features, installation requirements, and after-sales support.

Discover the power of ZKTeco F22, an innovative biometric access control solution designed to enhance security and convenience. Experience advanced features such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and comprehensive time attendance capabilities. Streamline your access control management with the versatile and reliable ZKTeco F22, ensuring optimal protection for your premises while optimizing efficiency.

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Yes, the ZKTeco F22 offers features like anti-passback to prevent unauthorized access, as well as tamper detection to alert administrators if the device is tampered with.

The ZKTeco F22 can be managed through its intuitive interface and touch screen. It also comes with software that allows you to configure settings, view access logs, and manage users from a connected computer.

Yes, the ZKTeco F22 often comes with an internal battery backup, ensuring that it continues to operate during power outages and maintains access control functionality.

Yes, the ZKTeco F22 is designed for integration with third-party access control systems and can be connected using its communication interfaces.

The ZKTeco F22 supports TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, USB host, and RS485 for various communication needs, allowing you to connect it to your network or computer for data transfer and management.

Yes, the ZKTeco F22 is designed with an IP65-rated weatherproof housing, making it suitable for outdoor installation, provided it's protected from direct exposure to heavy rain and extreme weather conditions.

The ZKTeco F22 typically has a capacity to store around 3,000 fingerprint templates, 1,000 face templates, and 3,000 card templates in its internal memory.

The ZKTeco F22's facial recognition feature uses advanced algorithms to capture and analyze facial features. When a user stands in front of the device, it scans their face, compares it to stored facial templates, and grants access if there's a match.

The ZKTeco F22 supports fingerprint recognition, RFID card (125kHz EM card) recognition, password input, and even facial recognition, providing multiple options for user authentication.

Disabling the users are not supported by the Zk biometric machines. What you need to do is, delete the user from the machine. Before deleting make sure the user details (id, name, template) are stored in your database. Then whenever you want to enable the user, just push the user data to the machine back.

Please follow the following steps:

Double click any field in the Designer.

Apply some basic format functions - Like Date format change below: Snapshot from my customized software.

Couple of already available variables can be added like: Line#, ReportGenerationTime etc.

Save the designer (File is saved in Installation_Direcrtory/attdaily.rpt)

Scan the Fingerprint/Thumb Impression

To confirm who is actually clocking in and out of work each day and ensure that the biometric attendance system gives accurate attendance information, biometric time and attendance systems use the fingerprints of the employees.

ZKBioSecurity is an All-in-One Web-Based platform developed by ZKTeco. With multiple modules in one system, the platform offers the ultimate convenience of integration. The system enables users to easily manage, remote control and monitor devices, generate multiple reports at once, and grant permissions, among others.

Fingerprint Reader by ZK Technology uses UDP port 4370.

Please follow the following steps:

• To activate the license, click on ACTIVATE button.

• After confirmation activate button will be changes to INSTALL.

• Log out from the ZKSTORE and again login to see the changes.

Please follow the following steps:

Enter the Admin Menu.

Select Data Mgt.

Select the top option: Delete Transactions.

Press Ok.

Please follow the following steps to download data from ZKTeco F22 :

Insert USB into the device.

Navigate to USB flash stick by using arrow keys. Press OK button.

Navigate to Download using arrow keys. Press OK.

Navigate to “Download attlogs” or “Attendance Data”, using arrow keys. ...

Check USB for log file.

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