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General Parameter
Display TFT LCD Color Screen
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
Card Capacity 5000
Record/Log Capacity 30000
Standard Functions Webserver, Anti-passback
Sensor ZK Optical Sensor
Interface Styles Common, Matrix and Magic styles
Communication RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host
Access Control Interface 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm, Doorbell
Optional Function ID Card, Mifare Card
Wiegand Signal Input and Output
Biometrics Algorithms ZK Finger VX9.0&10.0
Power Supply 12V DC,3A
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Operating Temperature 0 ℃- 45 ℃
Dimensions 80*183*42mm
Country Of Origin Chania
Warranty 1 Year


ZKTeco F18 Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control System Overview

The ZKTeco F18 is a standalone fingerprint time attendance and access control system known for its efficiency, reliability, and advanced biometric technology. This device is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to enhance their security and streamline attendance tracking.

Key Features

Biometric and RFID Authentication: Utilizes advanced fingerprint recognition technology for accurate and secure authentication. Allows the use of RFID cards as an alternative or supplementary method of authentication.

User Capacity: Stores up to 3,000 fingerprint templates. Supports up to 30,000 card users. ZKTeco F18 Can store up to 100,000 transaction logs.

Display and Interface: It is Equipped with a 3-inch TFT color screen for easy operation and navigation. Provides an intuitive user interface for smooth configuration and usage.

Communication: Supports multiple communication methods for flexible integration into different network environments. Allows for data transfer via USB when network connections are unavailable.

Access Control Features: Includes relay output for controlling door locks, alarms, and other security devices. Features anti-passback functionality to prevent unauthorized access by tailgating. Supports Wiegand input and output for integration with existing access control systems.

Additional Features: Provides voice prompts and visual indicators for user feedback on successful or failed authentication attempts. Allows adjustment of sensor sensitivity to accommodate different environmental conditions and skin types. Includes a built-in auxiliary input for enhanced security, which can be linked with external devices such as smoke detectors or emergency switches.


Enhanced Security: Biometric authentication ensures high security by preventing unauthorized access and eliminating the possibility of "buddy punching."

User-Friendly Operation: The color screen and simple interface make it easy for users to operate the device and for administrators to manage attendance records.

Scalability: Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with its large user capacity and flexible integration options.

Reliable Data Management: Real-time data transfer through TCP/IP ensures up-to-date attendance records. The USB host feature allows for offline data transfer, maintaining data integrity even without network connectivity.

Versatile Communication: Multiple communication options (TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB) provide flexibility in installation and integration with existing network infrastructure.

Installation and Setup: Install the device on a wall at a convenient height for users. Ensure the installation location has access to necessary network connections (TCP/IP, RS232/485) or USB ports for data transfer. Connect the device to your network via TCP/IP or RS232/485. Use the device interface or management software to enroll user fingerprints and RFID cards. Configure access control settings, including relay outputs for door locks and alarms, and set up the anti-passback function. Integrate the F18 with existing access control systems using the Wiegand interface. Connect auxiliary input devices, such as smoke detectors or emergency switches, for enhanced security.

Maintenance: Clean the fingerprint sensor regularly using a microfiber cloth to ensure accurate readings. Keep the screen and other components free from dust and dirt. Regularly check for and install firmware updates from ZKTeco to keep the device up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements. Frequently back up user data and transaction logs to prevent data loss and ensure continuous operation.


The ZKTeco F18 is a powerful and efficient time attendance and access control system, offering advanced biometric authentication, robust security features, and flexible communication options. Its user-friendly interface and high capacity make it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to enhance their security and streamline attendance management. We Touch IT Solutions offer you ZKTeco F18 best price & best services all the time. 

Regarding pricing, the ZKTeco F18 is available for Approximately 10,800 BDT  in Bangladesh. For more information or to purchase ZKTeco products, you can contact local distributors such as Touch IT Solutions in Bangladesh. If you have any further questions or need more specific details about the ZKTeco F18, feel free to ask!


Regularly clean the fingerprint sensor and card reader to ensure accurate recognition. Also, keep the device's firmware up to date to benefit from the latest features and security improvements.

The ZKTeco F18 can be managed and monitored through its built-in keypad and LCD screen. It also comes with software that allows you to configure settings, view access records, and manage users from a computer.

Yes, the ZKTeco F18 offers advanced security features like duress finger, which allows users to trigger a silent alarm in case of emergencies by using a specific finger, and an anti-passback function to prevent unauthorized access.

Yes, the ZKTeco F18 is designed to be compatible with third-party access control systems and can be integrated using its communication interfaces.

Yes, the ZKTeco F18 comes with various communication options, including TCP/IP, USB host, and RS485, for connecting to a network or a computer for data transfer and configuration.

The ZKTeco F18 can typically store up to 3,000 fingerprint templates and 30,000 card templates in its internal memory.

Yes, the ZKTeco F18 can operate in standalone mode, which allows it to function even without a network connection. It stores access records and user data locally.

The ZKTeco F18 captures and stores fingerprint templates of authorized users. When a user places their finger on the sensor, the device compares the captured fingerprint with the stored templates to grant or deny access.

The ZKTeco F18 supports multiple authentication methods, including fingerprint recognition, RFID card (125kHz EM card) recognition, and password input.

If you have an existing site & need to change IP addresses you can simply go to the device menu, select the relevant device, then Communication – Modify IP address. If the PC address has already been changed to a different subnet, or there are conflicting IP addresses you will have to use the Device Setting Tool.

The Server Port is 8098 by default.

The default IP Address of the device is 192.168. 1.201. 2. Please set the device type to standalone device.

It can be automated for tracking employee clock in and out times making it easy for your administration team to process payroll with efficiency while saving time. Whether it is an office, manufacturing factory, or any workplace setup that requires employees to access in and out, our system delivers precise logging that is passive to the employee. With high-performance firmware functions and compact design, it has become one of ZKTeco’s most popular devices in Bangladesh.

Thus we can prefer its different than other device.

Operation steps: Press the reset button on the back body of the lock, then touch the keypad to power on the lock holding the reset button for 5 seconds until the lock prompts the voice of “Restore to default settings, wait a moment”.

The administrator password is successfully reset to default when the blue light is on and a long beep is heard. The red light is then on and the operation is quieted automatically. Note: The default administrator password is 1234.

Yes, its an original product.

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